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How do I know I need a Lactation Consultant?

Common questions or concerns may be:
Why does it hurt to nurse my baby?
Do I have enough milk?
How do I get off to a good start when my baby comes?
How do I go back to work?
Why does it seem like the baby is on the breast ALL the time?
How do I wean my baby?
Am I doing this right?

If you are feeling overwhelmed and concerned that the baby is not feeding well or that you are in pain and having difficulty, then a consultation can be a good way to work through your concerns and questions.  At the end of each consultation, you receive a care plan to walk you through next steps.

Areas Served and Follow-ups

I am happy to serve families in Rockland County, NY; Westchester County, NY; and Bergen County, NJ.  

For virtual appointments I am able to serve families anywhere in the U.S.

All consultations include 2 weeks of phone/email/text follow ups.

In Home Post Partum Visit

A 2 hour visit will involve health history, discussion of primary concerns, observation of feeding, pumping, positioning, latch, planning out of next steps and more.


For visits outside of Rockland County add $10 for travel.

A 1 hour in person follow up:



Virtual Post Partum Visit

A 1 hour visit via secure online telehealth tools will include observation of feeding, pumping, positioning, latch and mother/baby examination while we discuss concerns and a plan of action.


A 30 minute virtual follow up:


Back to work visit

A 1 hour going back to work visit will address how exactly can this big step be taken?  Being prepared is more than half the battle.  In this visit we will discuss your plans and goals and strategize how to get there.


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