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Resources for your breast milk feeding journey

Success is often achieved through proper support.  I recommend attending parenting support groups for many reasons, but especially for a sense that you are not alone, that others have gone through what you have, and that there are many ideas out there for feeding, sleep etc.  Find your tribe.   Here is a link to the local resources available in Rockland County, NY: support group flyer


Mothers sometimes have concerns about how much milk they are making.  As milk making is designed to be on a supply and demand basis, the most important driver of this is to increase the "demand" through frequent nursing or pumping.  To add to your supply, there are foods and supplements that can be beneficial.  Remember, these will not create more milk if there is not sufficient demand, but they can help.  Here is a list of foods and supplements


Tongue and lip tie issues can make breastfeeding painful and difficult.  If you believe your baby may have these issues, seek a local professional.  Here is a list of providers in the Rockland/Bergen/Westchester area: 


Infant suck is sometimes disorganized, tight, etc.  This short video created by Julie Matheney, MS, CCC-SLP, IBCLC of LA Lactation, LLC is very helpful for learning some short exercises that can really help.


Mothers sometimes struggle with PPD and other issues.  Dr. O is a resource for professional help: 

Dr. Jennifer Okwerekwu MD, MS

Reproductive Psychiatry & Women's Mental Health

Coral Psychiatry ( MA, IL, NY) |

Tel: 518-414-5421


A support group for PPD and other issues:


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