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My IBCLC Journey

Laura Rime, Ready to Give Back

A Labor of Love

I started out my career in corporate communications and worked in the high tech world for 11 years.  After having my first child, however, I decided that I wanted to work in a field that had more personal interest for me.  I got involved with La Leche League (LLL) almost immediately after my daughter was born, and after attending my first LLL conference I knew that working with families on their breastfeeding journey was something I wanted to do.  I became an LLL Leader 11 years ago, and have been helping moms, dads, sisters, and grandparents with their breastfeeding questions and concerns ever since.

Teaching, Supporting, Listening

Lactation consulting involves helping families solve problems, gain confidence, and get support during a challenging time.  Along with pursuing my dream of becoming a lactation consultant, I have also been a ballet teacher for adult beginners, which has helped me appreciate the challenges of learning something new for the first time.  I bring my teaching, support, communications and clinical skills to bear with every client interaction.

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